Loop Collections 4

by Dark Side Of The Audio System



Dark Side Of The Audio System is a lesser-known and highly conceptual project of Japanese artist Shinobu Nemoto. Nemoto, as many of you recognize, is a highly regarded name in the Install stable, and his work under this moniker is every bit as engaging and impressive to us as his works under his own name and as Summons Of Shining Ruins. Crafting emotive atmosphere from the beautifully simple repetitions of melancholic loops, Nemoto presents us with a series of aural tapestries over the course of this and three subsequent volumes of Loop Collections.

This is volume 4, following the first three Loop Collections which Nemoto released independently at his ever-fascinating Moufu-Rokuon imprint. Volumes 5, 6 and 7 will be released over the 2012 summer season, and will bridge the gap between volume 3 and volume 8, which has recently seen a cassette release at Moufu-Rokuon. A new full length album by Nemoto is in the works for Install - titled "Idiot" - so while our listeners wait for it, there will be a generous amount of Shinobu's work available here for free.


released July 7, 2012

Written and produced by Shinobu Nemoto. Cover photo by Brian Grainger. Live mixing with some FX to tape loop and feedback device. Recorded at early spring of 2012. For Yusung.


This is Install Digital Archive number IP011.



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